Андрей Афонин Афоня TV
Blogger description The world of youtube was opened for him in 2013, and on July 3, 2014, he created his channel. For the first year of the channel’s existence, only 2 pranks were uploaded to it, Afonya didn’t want to engage in the development of the Video Blog. Now the situation has changed radically, the audience of a young man is an audience of more than 3 million people. Andrew removes pranks and exposures.
The heading “The beauty kept to the last” is very popular. Several issues of this format exceeded 10 million views.

Andrei Afonin received a big wave of HYIP due to his conflict with the old-timer of the Russian youtube Yury Khovansky. In 2015, he, along with other Bloggers, creates the project “Team A”.
On YouTube since 2014 Theme: Blog; Auto; Travels
Channel statistics
Subscribers 3 000 000
Total views 280 000 000
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