Амиран Сардаров ДНЕВНИК ХАЧА
Blogger description Amiran Shirinovich Sardarov - outrageous Russian VideoBlogger, often calling himself "animal" and "male." He is the creator of the YouTube channel with the catchy title “Hach's Diary”. In Video Clips, he talks about his life and publishes scandalous, often trampling moral norms plots. Subscribers account of his Videoblog has already gone to millions. Autor outrageous blog "Diary Hacha" Amiran Sardarov

Blogger who made a dizzying career is also known as Autor no less provocative books in which he expresses his ambiguous view of life: "Man is always right", "I’m like : Break me down completely, ”“ How to live, ”“ Why I was mu * ak. ”
On YouTube since 2015 Theme: Blog; Auto; Travels
Channel statistics
Subscribers 3 000 000
Total views 516 000 000
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