Эльдар Джарахов ДЖАРАХОВ
Blogger description Member of the projects "Successful Group" and "ClickKlak." Glory to Blogger was brought by the video “Gimp MDK”, which was subsequently published on the main page of the popular community of Vkontakte “MDK”. In the video clips of the “Successful Group”, Eldar appeared in various images: a rural macho man, a gopnik, a physical education teacher, a Caucasian Okhrip and many others. At the moment, Blogger, together with his friends, is creating entertainment content for the ClickClac channel. He also maintains a personal VideoBlog on YouTube, where he talks about his working days, takes pictures of vlog.
On YouTube since 2014 Theme: Music; Blog; Travels; Entertainment shows
Channel statistics
Subscribers 2 900 000
Total views 209 000 000
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