Анастасия Ивлеева Настя Ивлеева
Blogger description Nastya's friends advised her to start her own blog - it would be easier to get a job on television. Then Ivleeva shot her first Humor short Video, in which she sits in a cafe and drinks from a large glass of two tubes at once. Instagram users noticed a cheerful and beautiful girl and began to subscribe to her profile. A couple of weeks after that, Ivleeva resigned from the Auto Salon.

Ivleeva's account quickly gained popularity. Over 4 years, the number of Subscribers Anastasia has grown to 3.5 million. Creating mini-videos and short videos - Vains - became the main activity of Ivleevoy, and soon the girl began to shoot Video with other well-known bloggers: Eldar Jakharov, Ida Galich, Margarita Dirdzh and others.
On YouTube since 2013 Theme: Blogs; Instagram-Blogger; Travels
Channel statistics
Subscribers 1 800 000
Total views 65 000 000
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