Олег Григорьев oblomoff
Blogger description Friendship Oblomov registered his YouTube channel "oblomoff" back in 2010. At first, Oleg filmed simple recipes and by 2012 had only 25,000 Subscribers on the channel. The popularity of Oblomov Friendship came in 2013. It was then that he began to publish a Video-heading "Glorious Review", in which he checked the quality of various St. Petersburg food deliveries. With the advent of money, the Glorious Friendship of Oblomov began to make recipes for more and more exquisite dishes: octopus, lobster, steaks from marbled beef. But despite the fact that it is impossible for an ordinary Russian to purchase such products, people still continued to watch Oleg’s videos.

In 2015, Oleg together with his friends began to travel to different countries and shoot a video of local cuisine. The first country in the account was Friendly Thailand. Glorious Friendship Oblomov said that he was not going to stop at one country, and as far as possible go on a culinary journey to a new exotic place.
On YouTube since 2010 Theme: Food; Cooking; Travels
Channel statistics
Subscribers 3 000 000
Total views 821 000 000
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