Данила Поперечный Данила Поперечный
Blogger description At the beginning of his online activities, the young man created short cartoons, made sketches, Reviews, a series of clips “Level up” and published them on his YouTube channel. At the same time, he also worked on other resources, having become acquainted with such bloggers as Eldar Dzharakhov and Katya Klap. He wrote scripts, edited videos, performed other off-site work for the community “Thank you, Eva!”, Participated in the launch of the “Let's Lime” school of video makers.

His creative biography was already full of interesting stories. For example, a shocking incident occurred to him, which “glorified” his name in Runet - Maddyson (Ilya Davydov) announced to everyone that he had allegedly stolen his wallet. It was only a year later that it turned out that this was just the original PR blogger of Blogger. But she worked - the name of Dani was on everyone's lips. By 2013, his channel had about ten thousand Subscribers.
On YouTube since 2009 Theme: Stand up; Humor; Travels; Entertainment shows
Channel statistics
Subscribers 2 100 000
Total views 218 000 000
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