Александра Балковская Sasha Spilberg
Blogger description One of the most popular VideoBloggerovs of Russia, a gamer, a summer player and a beginner Singer. Her first channel on YouTube led in English, its main content was cover versions of famous songs performed by Sasha. Later, she launched a channel in Russian, where she started uploading Reviews, Summer play, conversational Video and much more. In Video Clips, the girl shares with the audience literally everything: her personal life, her views and preferences, the furnishings in the house, and even shows the contents of the refrigerator. Sasha's audience is girls aged 11-16. Now the girl continues to run her blog, makes collaborations with other popular bloggers, participates in various promotions, makes films and clips, writes her own songs.
On YouTube since 2010 Theme: Singer; Summer play; Reviews
Channel statistics
Subscribers 6 200 000
Total views 930 000 000
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