Руслан Усачев Руслан Усачев
Blogger description Popular VideoBlogger, one of the co-autos of the project “Thank you, Eva!”. He gained fame thanks to his own show “Harmful Cinema”, in which he observed unsuccessful films from his point of view. Also on the YouTube channel Ruslana you can see the show “Twittot”, “It's time to blame”, “UsachevToday” and others. Blogger gives Twitter lessons, travels around Russia and the world, and shares his opinion on current news. In 2014, Usachev released the Autor project “Insulting the Believers' Feelings” dedicated to the problems of the relationship between religion and society in Russia.
On YouTube since 2010 Theme: News; Leading; Travels
Channel statistics
Subscribers 1 700 000
Total views 226 000 000
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