Юрий Дудь вДудь
Blogger description A well-known journalist, Interviewer, Leading TV and former chief editor of Sports.ru site, is a well-known journalist in the Internet.               Yuri Dud takes Interview from the Musicians, politicians, Internet figures, culture and cinema. According to Yuri himself, he initially conceived this format in order to train himself to do Interview is not about sports. In the first issue of the show, the guest was the famous rapper Basta, Video gained more than 100 thousand views per day, and starting from the 3rd edition the show had a regular advertising partner - the site Aviasales.ru. The first issues had to be shot at their own expense, and the team worked virtually for free. Over time, the number and variety of advertising fashion models has increased, according to the Russian research agency Blogger (RIAB), the cost of one advertising post on the channel “Vood” is 1.2 million rubles, according to data from other sources - about 2 million rubles. This allows Yuri Dudiu to be one of the highest paid Blogger Runet. According to the RIAB research, the total revenue of advertising from advertising in the second half of 2017 amounted to more than 17 million rubles.               This information was confirmed by Yuri himself. In July 2018, Yury Dud took the 50th place in the rating of Russian celebrities, published by Forbes magazine.
On YouTube since 2014 Theme: Journalism; Interview
Channel statistics
Subscribers 4 000 000
Total views 420 000 000
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